Monday, July 4, 2016

Crannog 42

The summer issue of Crannóg has just been published and another fine publication it is too. As always there is a very strong selection of poetry and prose from  Irish and international writers, including Jean Tuomey, Lisa C.Taylor and Enda Coyle-Greene. The wonderful cover image by Dolores Lyne carries its own story as it features the home of self-taught marine biologist Maude Delap who was the first to succeed in breeding jellyfish in her home-made laboratory on Valentia Island in the 1890s. Submissions for the autumn issue will be accepted throughout the month of July.  For more information, see  

Here is one of my favourites by Enda Coyle-Greene. Her most recent  poetry collection was Map of the Last (Dedalus, 2013)

Indigo, Electric, Baby 
The station slips through
static, but I know

he’s blue, that fear gorm
on the radio;

I know to get it wrong
in the Irish tongue

conflates an alias
the Devil might have 

sweltered under back in days
before religion gripped.

He’s playing music 
named with a curious plural

and though I’m thirteen,
fourteen maybe, tuned

to cerulean, cyan,
cobalt, navy, manganese,

indigo, electric, baby –
colours I could touch

with a brush
slurred by water,

or feed to a needle
through its always-open eye –

I know blue can be black
as the dust-cut deal

he sealed by dying
daylight in his song.

I know blue is a mood
no one chooses,                                                                         

 how it’s composed
of bass rise, treble fall,

I know too
that what you call the shade

won’t matter,
it will always call.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Live Encounters July Issue

Here is the link to the July issue of Live Encounters. Some wonderful poetry by Eileen Casey, Mary Melvin Geoghegan, Terry McDonagh and many others. The choice of cover by Mark Ulyseas was an inspired one as my dear sister, who died recently, loved butterflies.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Here it is: Gold

Here it is: my first novel for children 9-12 years old. Published by Little Island, the stunning cover is by Lauren O Neill who has just won the CBI awards for her illustrations of Gulliver. 

Her artwork is a perfect match for my story of twins, Starn and Esper who live in a world destroyed by volcanic eruptions. Until one day they find a book and the adventures begin.
The book will be launched by Alan McMonagle in Dubray Books,  Galway on 30 June at 6.30pm.

There will also be a Dublin Grand Little Island Summer-Party-cum-Triple-Launch (of The Best Medicine, Gold and Wherever it is Summer) celebration with Christine Hamill and Tamara on 6th July at 6pm.
The venue is The Glasshouse, which is a garden room at the back of House, a restaurant/bar in a fine Georgian building on Lower Leeson Street, a few minutes’ walk from St Stephen’s Green. So SAVE THESE DATES.